OH-B Filler

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Open head cannery filling machine for wet, moist and chunky food products in rigid containers

  • "Bottom-Up" Filling: This concept provides for handling the product only once and in a gentle manner to eliminate product degradation and bruising.
  • Automatic Weight Control: Provides for fill weight adjustment while the filler is in operation.
  • Accurate: This machine uses a controlled vibration to settle the product particles simultaneously with the inherently accurate volumetric operation. This provides a densification system which yields a normalized product density and an accurate fill weight.
  • Fast Changeovers: Unitized change parts make changeovers fast and easy. Typically one person in one hour or less can set up a complete container changeover.
  • Ideal for Glass Containers: Unlike other cannery fillers, if a glass container inadvertently breaks, there is no product contamination.

Maximum Production Rates:

Up to 550 Fills Per Minute

  • Canned Fruits
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Prepared Foods
  • Pet Foods
  • Snack Foods


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