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Plastic Bottle Unscrambler

Nalbach Engineering’s NECOSORT-S-3 Plastic Bottle Unscrambler reduces maintenance and downtime and does it with less Space, higher Speed and price Savings. The NECOSORT-S3 Plastic bottle unscrambler sorts a wide range of rigid container shapes including rounds, ovals, squares and rectangles.

Product Benefits
  • Reliability you can count on: The NECOSORT-S3 carries a three-year warranty! The NECOSORT-S3 range of bottle unscramblers has only three (3) moving parts, one of them being the discharge conveyor. The actual unscrambling mechanism features only two (2) moving parts. This design insures maximum reliability, minimal maintenance, elimination of spare parts and no adjustments. With no reciprocating motions, complicated mechanisms or hard to adjust container handling parts, maintenance and downtime is virtually eliminated.
  • "Quick change" changeover: Easy release clamps and unitized change parts make changeover to different sizes and types a fast, simple operation. A single employee with no special skills may simply clamp in the number of chutes needed for a particular bottle and complete the changeover in twenty minutes or less.
  • Flexibility: The number of container-sorting chutes is determined by size of the item being sorted. Shorter items utilize more chutes, and thus the speed of production increases due to those additional chutes. The number of chutes is proportional to the height, assuring maximum production rates for each item being sorted, while keeping rotational speeds low.
  • Gentle handling and precise control: A circular assembly of sorting chutes permits gentle sorting of each item. Each item is individually protected in its own chute, which eliminates most sliding contact with stationary surfaces.
  • Reduced Floor Space Usage: The NECOSORT-S3-BH includes an integral bulk hopper and elevator. The integral bulk hopper has a 35 cubic foot capacity and the “flighted” belt elevator includes a photo eye to automatically control the feed of items to the unscrambler. The “BH” minimizes the overall footprint of the system for easy integration into tight production areas.
  • Stainless steel construction: The NECOSORT-S3 is suitable for clean-room operation. Stainless steel change parts do not generate particulate matter.
  • Easy installation: The discharge conveyor is designed for a flush side transfer to another conveyor, eliminating dead plates and unstable transfers.
Maximum production rates

Up to 550 Bottles per minute depending on the size and shape of the bottle.

Product Applications

Round Plastic Bottles
Tapered Plastic Bottles
Oval Plastic Bottles
Rectangular Plastic Bottles

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