NECOFILL-II Filler | Powder Filler

For moderate speed filling of free-flowing powdered or granulated products into rigid containers 

Nalbach Engineering’s NECOFILL-II Filler improves fill accuracy and dramatically reduces maintenance and downtime

Designed for accurate, medium speed filling of powders and granulars such as soluble coffee, tea, drink mix, coffee creamer, and condiments. This economical machine utilizes “push button” motorized control providing on-the-fly weight adjustments with optional automatic weight control available. 

The NECOFILL-II utilizes a patented bottom-up filling system, which provides dust free, extremely accurate filling for a variety of different products. Simple, yet rugged design and construction provides for “near zero” maintenance and unitized change parts result in 1/2 man hour changeover with no adjustments - resulting in immediate, efficient startups.  The touch screen with intuitive graphical user interface allows the operator to easily set-up and control all filling operations.  
A maintenance-free “no container-no fill” design eliminates the need for valves and prevents product degradation from occurring. No moving parts in the filler head results in gentle product handling and minimizes product breakdown and separation. A range of product settling systems are available and tailored to meet your needs including air or motor driven bottom, side or step (high impact) systems.

Product Benefits
  • Fill Accuracy: To ±1/2% for a constant density product. Ask us for fill accuracy ratings on your product.
  • Standard "Push Button" Motorized Servo Control: The motorized servo control provides manual fill weight adjustment while the filler is in operation. Automatic weight control Servo/Checkweigher systems are available.
  • "Bottom-Up" Filling: The combination of Nalbach's patented fill tube and fill tube sleeve creates a telescopic measuring flask that provides dust-free filling and better fill accuracy for most products.
  • No Moving Parts In The Filler Head: Results In Gentle Product Handling This minimizes product breakdown and/or separation. This unique Nalbach design also reduces machine wear caused by abrasive products.
  • Unitized "Quick Change" Parts: This allows a complete "no tools" container changeover in 30 minutes.
  • Versatility: The same NECOFILL-II (with proper change parts) can fill a range of other container sizes.
  • Near Zero Maintenance: This ease of maintenance is achieved through simple, yet rugged design and construction.
  • Quieter Operation: Non-metallic container handling parts are used wherever feasible.
  • Totally Enclosed: Our standard "Dust Hood-Safety Enclosure" includes large windowed access doors which are electrically interlocked.
  • "No-Container, No-Fill": This is accomplished by automatically stopping the machine when there is an interruption in the supply of containers. This simple system eliminates a hard-to-clean shut-off mechanism on each filling head. (A "powder filler" cannot be allowed to operate without containers to fill, as this action would result in degradation of the product.)
  • Vibration Systems: Tailored to Your Product Unlike other powder fillers, NECOFILL-II is tailored to your product with bottom, side, or step (high impact) vibration systems.
Maximum production rates

Up to 150 Fills Per Minute

Product Applications
  • Sugar
  • Drink-Ade
  • Salt
  • Chocolate Beverages
  • Potato Flakes
  • Powder Condiments
  • Rice
  • Seeds
  • Cleansers and Detergents
  • Insecticides
  • Drain and Bowl Cleaners
  • Lyes and Crystals
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