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Integrated Filling Station

The Model ICS is an Indexing Conveyor with Product Settling System that combined with Nalbach’s line of Servo Driven Auger and Cup Fillers is a complete, integrated, filling station, ideal for the consistent and accurate dispensing of a broad range of powders, granulars, flakes and other free-flowing products.

  • Integrated Filling Station: Integrated Indexing Conveyor and Filler provides a “turnkey filling station” for reliability, consistency and accuracy.
  • Centralized Control: The Filler’s control panel performs all set-up and control of the ICS-8 and the Filler making training, set-up and operation simple and straightforward
  • Indexing Conveyor Standard: 8' long conveyor, adjustable guide rails, stainless steel construction, variable speed drive, and air-operated container stops provides accurate indexing and positioning of containers under the Filler
  • Product Settling System: A section of split chain conveyor at the vibration station and an air-operated system that raises the container away from the conveyor prior to initiation of the vibration mode insures a consistent and accurate fill each and every time. 

Maximum Production Rates:

Up to 120 Fills Per Minute


Powders, Granulars, and Flakes.
Low volume, batch applications and applications in which the density of the product varies significantly.



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