Nalbach "S" Series Auger Filler | Powder Filler

Servo Driven Auger Filler with Integrated Scale for batch filling operations of powders

Product Benefits
  • Integrated scale: The system incorporates a scale to provide actual weight feedback to the filler and uses two (2) fills per container. The first fill dispenses 90 – 95% (user programmable) of the target weight and the second "top-off" fill is based on the actual calculated product density of the first fill. This system monitors the product density on each and every fill providing superior fill accuracies to 1/10th of one (1) percent! Unlike "bulk and dribble" systems in which the first "bulk" fill is followed by slow series of "dribble" fills until the target weight is met, the Nalbach system’s "top off" fill is a single fast fill, significantly improving throughput
  • Servo Driven: State-of-the-art, computer controlled, brushless, direct drive, servo motor system that provides superior fill accuracy and substantially improves reliability through the elimination of over 30 mechanical parts such as clutch/brakes, encoders, drive belts, and pulleys which are used in most competitive products.
  • Filling Accuracy: The digital servo motor provides shaft resolution of 1/5000 per revolution. This precise control means the auger is consistent, each time, every time, providing fill accuracies of up to ± 0.25%.
  • Self Centering Funnel: Significantly improves changeover and cleaning times as well as provides more consistent product flow. The self centered funnel is always properly aligned with the auger and requires no adjustments.
  • Touch-Screen: Intuitive, icon-based graphical user interface with touch screen inputs for fast, accurate and easy system control.
  • Weight Setup S/W: Built-in utility that helps setup fill parameters automatically, insuring that target weight is met every time.
  • Product Memory: Capable of storing filling parameters for up to sixty-five (65) products. Product Memory saves the exact filling parameters and stores them with an assigned name. Recall is as easy as a touch of a button.
  • Options: Nalbach multi-head systems can be configured to match virtually any multilane application. These variables include the number of dispensing / filling heads as well as center distances to compliment any multilane systems
Maximum production rates

For manual filling operations

Product Applications

Powders, Granulars, and Flakes.
Low volume, batch applications and applications in which the density of the product varies significantly.

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Nalbach Auger Filler with Scale


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