Press Release - Bottle Orienters


Countryside, IL (USA). April, 2012

Nalbach Engineering has launched a new line of bottle orientors that quickly and simply assures uniform orientation for asymmetric bottles.

The NECO-ORIENTOR Inline “0/180” degree bottle orientor is a servo driven system designed to turn non-round bottles into a common direction.  Bottles are accepted from a single lane source and, based upon a vision sensor’s output allowed to pass if they are properly oriented, or spun 180 degrees if they are not properly oriented.

The NECO-ORIENTOR augments the company’s line of plastic bottle unscramblers to provide a complete single source solution for bottle unscrambling and orienting applications.

The NECO-ORIENTOR is available as a fully integrated option for the company’s line of plastic bottle unscramblers or as a stand-alone product to meet the needs of many existing production lines.

As an option for plastic bottle unscramblers, the NECO-ORIENTOR and the unscrambler share a common HMI, vacuum conveyor and footprint, providing a complete and compact, fully integrated, solution for empty bottle handling.

As a stand-alone system, the NECO-ORIENTOR includes a vacuum conveyor section, safety enclosure and controls that easily integrate into an existing production line.

The NECO-ORIENTOR is available worldwide through Nalbach’s direct sales and manufacturers reps.


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