Press Release - Unscrambler with Integrated Bulk Hopper


Countryside, IL (USA). July, 2003.

Nalbach Engineering has released a new Model of its NECOSORTbottle unscrambler, the NECOSORT-BH with only two (2) moving parts, color touch screen with PLC control, and integral bulk hopper.

The NECOSORT family of bottle unscramblers has only two (2) moving parts and one of them is the discharge conveyor. The actual bottle unscrambling mechanism features a single moving part. This design insures maximum reliability, minimal maintenance, elimination of spare parts and no adjustments. All change parts are “tool free” and feature a “positive alignment system” for precise positioning and quick changeovers. With no reciprocating motions, complicated mechanisms or hard to adjust container handling parts, maintenance and downtime is virtually eliminated.

Using Nalbach Engineering’s “Pocket and Chute” technology, each individual bottle receives gentle handling, minimizing chances of scratching, scuffing or damage. In addition, this design provides the flexibility to vary the number of “pockets and chutes” based on the size of the bottle maximizing the performance and throughput for each individual bottle and increasing the overall flexibility of the machine to run a broad range of bottle sizes and shapes.

The “BH”, model comes standard with a PLC and color touch screen control. This control system provides an intuitive icon-based graphical user interface making training, set-up and operation simple and straightforward. The control system is also a powerful foundation for providing the features and integration capabilities required for a range of production environments. Capabilities include: “recipe” control, bottles per minute indication, fault / warning indications and logging, “run permissible signal”, discrete I/O and system integration via RS232/485, Data Highway (DH/DH+), Ethernet, or DeviceNet.

The NECOSORT-BH includes an integral bulk hopper and elevator. The integral bulk hopper has a 35 cubic foot capacity and the “flighted” belt elevator includes a photo eye to automatically control the feed of bottles to the unscrambler. The “BH” minimizes the overall footprint of the system for easy integration into tight production areas.

This new product is available worldwide through Nalbach’s direct sales and manufacturers reps.    


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Founded in 1945, Nalbach Engineering Company has earned its dominant reputation for quality and performance in the design and manufacture of a complete line of powder filling equipment and plastic bottle unscramblers. In addition, Nalbach Engineering manufactures aerosol filling equipment and offers turnkey packaging lines as well as system integration services. A member of PMMI since 1958, Nalbach Engineering has developed equipment for a widely diverse client roster of Blue Chip companies and has installed systems in 45 countries around the globe.

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